Newbie paint colour choice




I have tried searching through the many posts on this forum to answer my question however I have not found a suitable answer.

I was wondering what colours (and bottle sizes) would be best for starting out? If I was going to be buying oils / water colour paints I know exactly what I would go for, but I'm a little lost with airbrushing. I have seen videos where people use black for shadows - is this something that is acceptable with airbrushing - I was taught to paint without any black in my palette.

From what others have said is paint choice I think that I would be best with transparent paints, with maybe 1 or 2 opaque colours to enable me to build up slowly and achieve different tones / colours

Thanks in advance for the replies!
I've been using Com-Art, doesn't need to be thinned out and can be used right out of the bottle. A few days ago, someone mentioned the new Createx did the same thing.
The new Createx illustration colours are good right out of the bottle. The com art colours are a very good choice for your needs. They come in either opaque or transparent and both types can be used together. The com art sprays well right out of the bottle, can be thinned with water if desired and is reasonably priced.
Also Spectra-tex by Badger can be shot right out the bottle , I have no problem with it going through my .18 micron.
Thanks for the replies

Would you suggest a kit containing the following as a starting palette:

Option A
Auto-Air Semi Opaque Primary Colour Set 120ml
Semi-Opaque Brite White
Semi-Opaque Flame Yellow
Semi-Opaque Flame Red
Semi-Opaque Process Blue
Semi-Opaque Deep Black


Option B
Createx Opaque Color Set 2oz Bottles
Opaque Red
Opaque Yellow
Opaque Blue
Opaque Light Green
Opaque White
Opaque Black
(and suitable reducer)

I assume I wouldn't want to start with any of the fancy paints - eg pearlized, candies etc.
If your just a newbie mate (as i am) id just get the 480ml (or bigger) of createx opaque Black and white and a bottle of reducer (i bought illustration base 960ml i think, cause i use it with all colours)

i bought a primary set first up and found that i only really used black and white to practice and do the first few tutorials (the eye, dagger strokes etc) so what happened was i used up the black and white and then used the red yellow and blue for the same exercises while i waited for more black and white to come in the mail.

after that you'll prolly know what you wanna try etc.

hi inevitable! where bouts are you based matey? your defo right, don't bother with candy or pearl paint at the moment, nk matter how good am artist you are it may take you a little time to get used to the brush and learn the different strokes.....a as said previously com art is a great paint for beginners and pros alike.....alot if us on here use wicked by createx, its a nice paint if you get it spraying right but tip dry is a bit of a problem, the createx illustration paints are meant to be great but a little pricey.....where abouts are you, may effect which paint is suggested, due to expensive shipping costs
Thanks for the advice - Looks like ill get some black, white and reducer then :p

I'm based in England - not too far from Nottingham / Derby (people aren't likely to know the village :peaceful:)

I see what you mean about the price of the illustration paints when compared to the standard Createx opaque.

Do Createx product a reducer (i see people use water, but I get impatient and would rather use a reducer that dries quicker than water), or can I use one from another supplier?

go to speak to pete millichamp he's based in yarmouth, he's a paint expert and will tell you all you need.....if you order on monday it should be with you wednesday at latest....he's also a member on here...tell him you where advised by adam from here to get in touch and he will send you some information on other paints also....he will probably advise wicked its a great paint you just need to reduce it a bit....wicked also have their own reducer....wicked is made by createx....he also stocks etac which is also fab
most wicked is opaque but you can but transparent base which is basically paint but no looks white but sprays clear....with a bit of reducer, a bit of trans base and a tony but of paint you can turn opaque paint to transparent
Thanks for the advice.

I gave them a ring and they were a great help over the phone - I have placed an order for a few bottles which gives me a little time to sort out some space in the "spare" room