newbie paint colour questions ?



I am in Australia.....looking for recommendations on paints. I have checked the various online shops and have no idea what the colours should be. I am used to siennas and burnt umbers and am struggling to recognise names I know. I want to make fleshtones. I have some small primary colours but mixing up quantities that small is doing my head in :( ..... I would be happy to buy a kit so long as it had a decent flesh colour in it.
Daniel Powers Tru 8. It's made by Trident. From what I've heard they are really good paints, but I have no personal experience with them.
I also like the traditional colour names. Makes more sense to me. Look at Com-art or Createx Illustration.
Thanks you.....I may have to buy a one of as I have to replace my gun :(
Seconding Createx Illustration, especially the Bloodlines pack, because despite the names of the colours, they make for excellent fleshtones, among other things.
Never used Wicked nor Trident m8 but they used to differ a lot in price LOL, not sure these days, am not surprised if they've matched the market a bit more but they used to sell the 500 ml bottle for $25 dollars, enough for a year or two of painting pending on the color. its also made by Airbrush Artists originally so sprays extremely nice (especially the white in comparrison to other brands), maybe if I had to guess I'd say a little more ink and canvas orientated compared to wicked and trident, realistically both of the above are more designed for automotive work and to help replace auto paints in a more safe manner but ultimately are still solvent bourne/based, I don't believe TOP is but again a lot could have changed since I last bought a set.. Its a shame they ain't more out there because they are extremely good paints and especially for Aussie artists as its extremely hard for us to get a good deal at times with imported stuff or manufacturers that just price at imported prices to get a few more bucks from us LOL.
considerably more expensive unfortunately :(

Just looked into them more as I need more paint too LOL and they are still the 500 ml bottles. The primary kit looks a fair deal. Not sure what a 500 ml bottle is in other brands are but original createx seemed the only one that came close and compared to Createx this stuff is way better.. Their starter primary kit is $108 for 5 x 500 ml bottles, etacs primary kit is $125 for 5 x 100ml..Pretty fair deal I thinks LOL :)
Hi, i use Trident exclusively. Great paint to use. Good colours. They do have a flesh tone that you can darken or lighten to your taste. A bit expensive but can be thinned even further than instructions. A little bit goes a long way on helmets , which is what i mainly do. A little tip for you. You can NOT use wax and grease remover over Trident. I keep acrylic clear coat in one of my suction feed Paasche guns. I use this as i go on a helmet. It protects your artwork as you are progressing and allows you to sand down those annoying little lines from paint build up on edges. 2000 wet and dry only, and will not remove paint . Hope this helps , regards Syd.