newbie paint question VALLEJO paints ..



.. hi and thankVVALLEJOLLEJO to all for their help so far.

I ve picked up a decent badger brush and have used up a lot of my con art paints I bought a couple of weeks ago

Has anyone used vallejo paints ?

Also can I use paint with particles (metal flake or peralesent paints) through an airbrush.?

Thanks Si
I don't know anything about the Vallejo paints, but paints with larger particles will require a larger tip/nozzle size, I have never used them personally but I would recommend 0.5 or bigger, anything under that will block for sure.

I think your Badger is possibly around 0.3 or 0.35 depending on the model.
Not used vallejo paints but as Madbrush said you may need a larger nozzle. I recall that theyre not the best for airbrushes although with the correct thinning they do work.

Cheers will give them a miss. The brush came with two other needles and nossles I've kept with the fitted one.
Would i need the larger one for pait with metal flake
Vallejo works, its modell paint, waterbased. Won't work for art, will for models n stuff