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Hi Guys - I have a couple of questions.
1. Can I use urethane paint with an airbrush? We are painting a race car and have several tight areas that we thought an airbrush might be better to use versus a touch up gun.
2. Can I get a gun recommendation - mid-priced that would work for our application.

Thanks for your help - Andy
Yes you can use them Andy but you need to make sure the seals are not rubber, you need teflon seals. As for the gun you will get many a suggestion on that. Have a search thro the forums there is many a thread on the subject, check one out called "which airbrush do you use"
Where on this planet do you live? It helps in making recommendations on where to look to buy things.
Unlike a spray gun airbrushes shoot in a round pattern and is a little different look when trying to match to a area that a spray gun was used on. But Paasche Talon does come with a fan spray nozzle to make is work more like a super mini spray gun.

While this thread is posted in the introduction section it is far from an introduction.
Post pics up of the car you are painting and the area you think you need an airbrush to paint.
How long have you been painting cars?
The more information you can give us up front the better we cab offer advice .
The first issue you would encounter using an AB rather than a hvlp spray gun is the color may well look different due to the way the paint is laid down with different tools ,this will be more apparent with metallics .
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For your question like Mr. Micron said, Paasche sells a Fan Air Cap for their Talon and Vision Airbrush that goes with the 0.66 mm tip and needle.

You can find the info here: