Newby reporting



Hi all, im from the Netherlands and new to airbrushing.

I am 34 and come from a long working history in decorative (professional) coatings and automotiv coatings. And now want to take it a step up and go out there and create my own artworks.

I only got a little experience with automotiv sprayguns, but thats a bit diff to this, but at least I know some basics there ;)
But I got ALOT of questions ghehe, so you will find me out here asking the lot haha Because I dont got a thing atm, and want to get the 'best' from the get go.

Cya round...
Welcome! There is a ton of info and helpful people here. I'm still trying to take it all on, its a lot of information lol.
Hoi Vriend

Welkom op het forum hier krijg je alle hulp die je nodig heeft, er zijn er veel meer uit Nederland hier aangemelden.

Groetjes uit Hardinxveld en veel plezier mee.
Welcome you can find a lot of info to get a good start. Groeten uit brabant
Hi and welcome from New Zealand,
we have a similar work history and knowing about paint is a great start, keep at it! and you'll get there, ask all the questions you like and there's lots of people here that can help you.

Cheers Lou.