Mac-Valve Maestro!
Hi all! I would like to introduce myself. I'm from Holland and I just startend airbrushing again after a break of several years. There's some awesome work and talent on this forum and I look forward to being part of the forum community.
Welcome from England, yes there's a lot of talent here who are also very willing to help out when ever they're asked and you are now part of the forum so get stuck in.

Welcome aboard oxygen can't wait to see some of your work my friend
welcome from Holland here and I just picked it up again as well and I can use all help I can get and I'm getting it as well
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hello Oxygen and welcome from the US, loads of talent and knowledge here and everyone willing to help!
Hello from AU. Ya There’s some bit time talent in here for sure. Very inspirational!
feel free to post your airbushed work :)
Welcome to the forum from the US

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People of this forum are down to earth and enjoy providing any help they can. Welcome :)