Nice to meet you all!


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Hi fellow artists! It's been a while since i joined but i forgot to introduce myself, me and my poor habits, sorry about that. :D My name is Minna and i live in Finland. Ive been airbrushing on and off for couple of years but i just recently started putting more time into it and finding Airbrush Tutor and this forum has been very helpful for me. I still have a lot to learn but i can show you couple things ive done.

I got inspired by the eye tutorial but i made this freehand from another eye reference, turned out nice i think. Then there's a phone cover, and a tiger on canvas which has a tear in it :grumpy: and i havnt corrected it yet. So i guess that's all. :) Have a nice one everyone!


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Hi Minna, A belated welcome from the UK. Your pictures are fantastic I only wish I could produce something like that! I'll get there with the help of the forum though! I'm sure you will pick up tips and tricks that will improve yor already impressive works of art :encouragement:
hey minna great to have you around. the pieces you have shown us are great i really love the eye that you have done, the feint subtle lashes underneath the main set make them look very natural and soft... i cant wait to see more of your work!!
Welcome Home Minna, you have found a great place, Now if the lady I work with who is from Finland was in I would have her write the welcome....LOL
Great looking work.
Welcome to the forum, those painting look great, you did an awesome job on them.
Thank you all! And nice to hear that you like my work :) Im really looking foward to get more new ideas to my painting and maybe even offering something back aswell since ive done this so long not knowing half of what im doing, just spraying and hoping it will be ok :D
Minna welcome to the best forum around and the best members including you! Very nice work you have and it looks like you will have alot to offer everyone here. Make yourself at home and enjoy the site.
Welcome from the UK Minna, nice work, thanks for sharing. Your canvas is quite easy to fix, you just need some pva glue and some canvas which you stick to the back. be careful that you wipe glue off that comes through the tear though.

Welcome to the forum Minna from Finland. Your artwork looks great! Hop right in and join the fun! Everyone here is really helpful and super friendly and there is tons of talent. Glad to have ya!!
Yep, canvas wasnt too bad to fix Lee, i did just like you said. :) Too bad i painted it for this lady who is so fond of cats that was actually willing to pay me for that and now i cant really sell it. Im gonna paint new one when i get over this thrustration ;) Im sure im gonna enjoy being part of this "family". I feel the love already :p
tervetuloa, mukava saada tänne lisää suomalaisia ruiskuttelijoita t.marko
Welcome aboard Minna, great to have you with us, you obviously know your way around an AB, good work, love the tiger:)
Welcome aboard and my goodness you got some talent!! Nice work