No paint from siphon and gravity fed brushes.


Jason LeBlanc

Hello everyone, new to the forum and airbrushing. I decided to dive into the airbrushing form of art since starting to sculpt and would really bring out my works a bit better. So I have two brushes (gravity and siphon) none are pumping out paint, just air. I took them apart, cleaned them out as best as I could with Alcohol and water...nothing. Next step I might soak them in alcohol. I do have a cheap siphon fed airbrush and that pushes out paint. Any advice on why they are not pumping out paint.
what paints are you using m8?? try to run just water in your airbrushes, if they work that means your paint is too thick, also what air pressure?
I tried acrylic water mixture, made it to the same consistency as paint. I did try water if it would pump out, nothing. My PSI is at about 40-50.
If it isn't specific airbrush paint, the pigment will be too large for the brushes. Could you give us some more info? What make are the brushes/nozzle size, and what specifically is the paint. It sounds like you have blocked nozzles. A good soaking in airbrush restorer and a throrough but gentle cleaning should do the trick. But if we have more info then we can give more specific advice.

Also pop over to the intro section and say hi there, people will want to welcome you, and also if you tell everyone about yourself and your set up and equipment, then when you ask questions later on, they can check back there and be able to give better advice :)
Are you sure the needle chucks are tighten ? and when you press air on does air come out of the airbrush? if so are you pulling the trigger back toward you for paint on ?
I know these seem like silly question but I am just covering the basics
Thanks Michal and Squisky for helping out. The makes of the airbrushes I could not tell you. One I had purchased that came in cheapo kit (the siphon fed) and the gravity, I do believe it is a Badger knock off. I have had both of them working before. The gravity fed I had for a year, I was forced to use canned air. Now I have two compressors, one noisy work horse and a quite one I bought dirt cheap. It is an Aeolian Pixie, I know that one is for nails, but perfect for me until I get some practice before I get a better one. I had tried the siphon one briefly, it did pump out some paint, then after cleaning, nothing. But I do believe as per what Squishy what you are stating, it could be blocked.

Since I am a novice, nozzle size....could not tell you.
Mr Micron...I checked on the needle chucks. Air does come out, and did pull back on the trigger.
any bubbles in the cup ?
and can you feel the tip of the needle through the opening of the nozzle ,
with air on and back of the airbrush handle off loosen the needle chuck and move the needle in and out to see what happens . It may just need some help
turn the pressure up to 60
any bubbles in the cup ?
and can you feel the tip of the needle through the opening of the nozzle ,
with air on and back of the airbrush handle off loosen the needle chuck and move the needle in and out to see what happens . It may just need some help
turn the pressure up to 60

And is there any brand name on these brushes?, I think they are both clogged with gunged up oil from sitting for donkey's years in storage, happens a lot even with the good brushes, always handy to give them a good once over and re-lube out of the box:)
The gravity one did start bubbling. The needle is popping out just enough to see it. I took the protective cap off to see if the needle on both brushes are moving...and they are.
Sounds like a clogged nozzle. If you do not have any Createx airbrush restorer , Then soak the Nozzle (Just the nozzle) in some alcohol for a couple of hours.
I found the make. It is a Vaper. This is exact one.


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Ok, not familiar with this particular knock off. But be very careful when you remove the tiny nozzle from the end. These guys are usually made from cheap materials, meaning the metal can be soft and it is very easy to damage the end of the nozzle (and needle for that matter) , and there have been cases when they have snapped of completely, leaving the threaded part behind.
Well...I am at a standstill. I had soaked some of the parts in alcohol...nothing. It seems to be now that I look at it, when I have my pressure at 70 psi, there is air, but not as strong. So now I have the nozzle cap and needle cap for both of them soaking at the moment. If that don't work I have to purchase a new brush...or hire a airbrush mechanic.
And to note as I tested, I wanted to see if I could back wash to see if bubbles would come out of the cup on my gravity fed brush...nothing.
You say air flow is low at 70 PSI? Sounds like you have at one time soaked the entire brush and the oring for the air valve has swollen or broke.
that brush looks like it came from the same factory as the master airbrushes : cheap and not real good , I think you got all the possible solutions handed to you and carried out .
A new better airbrush could in order
Bummer if that is the case with the oring. I have like I mentioned, I am soaking specific parts right now, not the entire system. One last kick at it tonight and then save my pennies for a new one.
Wanted to thank everyone for the advice, you are all very knowledgeable and helpful.
Odd...after cleaning, both of my airbrushes are pumping out good pressure. No paint. I did a bubble test, covering up the bubbled on both. And for giggles...I took my syphon fed and put water in the cup and blew in just a bit with the compressor on...water came out.