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Whats the difference between Createx illistration and Createx Airbrush paint??? hope there isnt an answer here all i know is i dont know there is no stupid questions... thanks
Createx and the many different types.
Standard Createx Textile Designed for .5 and larger needle set up and 60PSI
Createx Wicked Designed for any surface and works through .15 and up
Createx Wicked Detail (Finer grind on the pigments) works same as Wicked
AutoAir Automotive designed works .15 and up
Illustration (Finest grind so far) while designed for illustration work can be used on any surface .15 and up

And the link WhiteKnight posted is a great one to book mark even if you do not use Createx due to the how to section has some great information and videos .