Noob (attempting) to spray

How is this for a first post?

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I did read around a bit on the forum and did not see anything specifically answering my questions. However, if I am search-inept, please point me to the forum topics that already contain the information that I seek. I apologize in advance if this is the case.

Since this is my first post, I will introduce myself here, as well as the introductory forum.

By trade, I am a software artist (since it is far from an engineering practice like we like to think) and I have no formal art training, just an imagination and mediocre drawing skill. My hobbies include, photography, composite work, 3D printing, mountain biking and tennis. So these are fun from being able to airbrush, thus the reason I am asking for some expert knowledge and have joined this forum.

My first project should be relatively simple. I have a mountain bike frame (Canfield Jedi) that is just clear coated from the factory, a brand new frame. I have the company logos in vector format and will print stencils with vinyl. This will all but eliminate my need to be able to airbrush a straight line, which is a good thing in my case. I would, however, like to "feather in" the stencil. To explain more, the frame is silver and I am spraying a green (to match the color in the attachment) and would like to just spray the edges of the lettering from the stencil and leave the very center of the logo the color of the frame. If that does not make sense, I will bust out a crude Photoshop rendition, just let me know.

There is a local seller that has a brand new Snap-On BF105 kit for sale for $100, which led me to start contemplating this more. Like I said, my imagination is usually a hindrance to accomplishing things upon which it would be more (life) beneficial to focus, but that is not always as fun.

I can shoot paint with my Devilbiss guns, but I cannot get the level of detail I want for this. I will clear it with the Devilbiss when done.

I live int he Dallas/Fort Worth area (Fort Worth specifically), so if anyone is in this area that can help, please PM me.

1. Is the BF105 a good entry-level guns? If not, what gun should I get
2. What paint should I use for this? What is the best way to match a color like this?
3. I am assuming I can run this gun off my 30 gallon compressor if I make sure to remove all the moisture. Any precautions against using that?
4. Is there anyone in my local area that I should just pay to do this job? Mind you, if it is about the same price for me to buy the equipment, then I would rather learn something new and have the satisfaction of knowing I accomplished this myself.


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Snap on is I think still made by Devilbiss , Not a bad starter airbrush.
You want a fade lettering or stencil . What you do it spray mainly on the stencil and only allow some over spray to hit the edge of the stencil .
This will create a faded image of the logo.
Hope that makes sense .
Oh and Welcome home :D
Thanks Herb. Appreciate the tip and that confirms how I was planning on doing this. I just need to make sure I get a decent airbrush.

Should I shoot a urethane for this? Could I shoot some automotive paint through that brush?
Welcome from the uk! :)

You will want a Candy paint to get that effect. And one which is lightfast as it will be for outside use, and some colours are prone to fading pretty badly. Candy apple green is a standard colour, and should be close, but may not match exactly, and it may be closer to lime green pretty hard to tell. You could mix paints to get an exact match, but would need a couple of paints and some patience to do so. A local paint shop may be able to colour match for you, but they will probably have a minimum amount of paint mix they will make so it depends on how much you want to spend. Also if you are using Uro paint in an airbrush then make sure you have teflon seals or they will get damaged.