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Greetings from California folks, thanks for taking the time to read!
I am Ben. While I have been a graphic/web designer by profession for 15 years or so, I am still very noobish when it comes to the ways of the airbrush... something that I am hopeful will change. Whether hanging on a wall, sprayed across a T-shirt, or gracing a custom-made motorcycle gas tank... airbrush art has always intrigued me, and my goal is to paint something that someone else would deem worthy of displaying in their own home. So yeah, I suppose that is enough about me for now. Thanks for letting me share in your knowledge and experience... I look forward to learning and a whole lot of obsessive fun!

Welcome along Ben. ... great to have you on board.... general rule on this place is you get out what you put in. ... if you have a question. . ask it. .. listen to the advice. ... apply. ... and you can not fail to learn. So many helpful and talented folk to tap in to... you are in the right place Bro.welcome from the UK
Welcome to the form from NH

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant: