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I am having an issue mixing my reducers with my A/A paints. I have ....a/a 4010, 4011, w500.
I have tryed a mixer, both slow and fast speed. Shaking, adding in first, last, gradual, letting it sit,.....
Heres some pics of what I get.

75% trans red, 25% trans yellow. With 25% 4011 reducer.. This was mixed shaken ect in glass vials. I picked it up 30 min later and gave it a little swish and it showed the bubbles
This is starting to drive me nuts.......What am I doing wrong.
It does this in most colors or what ever reducer i use. Some worst than others. Some times after sitting for hour, it will be smoother.
These paints were bought 8 months ago...could they be spoiled?
It would be great to here any tricks you use to mix...
That is odd. I just reduce in the cup or i never look. Could it possibly be the paint base separating from the color and showing ad a suspended solid? The wicked base is the w200 trans base. Might be something worth trying to strain and see if they are gelatinous.

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wierd indeed..I have aa from when it first came out and it still sprays fine.. the only thing I can thing of is either the paint got mixed with something else or (and this I would know nothing about) could it have froze?? I do not know if that is an issue with aa but it would be easy enough to find out
It would be interesting to look at a drop of this paint anda drop of fresh paint under a microscope
It seems like the bubbles could be reducer. I can slide one up the jar and break it only when it hits the edge. I will see if I can find my Color viewer and try to get a closer shot