Not quite new, But...


Dart Vader

Hello everyone.
Being a part of this forum, although brief as it was, has been awesome.
Everyone who interacted with my (ramblings) posts has been very supportive and open to providing quite useful criticisms and advice.
Thank you all who took the time to contribute to my education.
Unfortunately it appears that there will be quite some time before I am able to acquire another airbrush.
Thanks to my own irrational reaction to the standard frustrations we experience through the creative process, I have rendered my two airbrushes completely useless. Currently I am unable to purchase a new brush due to financial constraints. Creative equipment now falls into the category of frivolous fantasy.
With that status I believe that I am unable to provide any material of relevance to this forum.
For that reason I will state again...
Thank you all who took the time to assist me, I have learned quite a bit from you.
I will take leave now with hopes of returning some day when / if I can get a new brush.
Just because you play darts with your brushes and you lost does not mean you can't come here and hang out.
You are a hell of an artist and you still can provide input , So don't make me drive to Chicago....LOL
That's for sure, we need all the artists we can get for input. What brushes do you have and what happened to them?
That's for sure, we need all the artists we can get for input. What brushes do you have and what happened to them?

He used the for darts.. Through them into the wall and Destroyed them...They are toast.
a brushless artist aptly called Dart
is saying goodbye cause he cant do art
please dont go
its not your fault
that your brushes keep doing a fart

edit - you are an artist - just unable to use the airbrushes to do the art :)
Stick around and learn some more. When your up on your feet you will have more knowledge and less frustration. Plus you are a great artist and a good eye is always good to have around here. Please stay!!! :)

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Stick around Vader, you can still help others on their way. I don't have a spare airbrush or I would send you one. Maybe if anyone else has an old one they don't use, that works, or just needs a little bit of cost free tlc......? Bet vader could give it a home for a while.
AW: Not quite new, But...

I know that very well. I actually had a break for 7 years now. My brother always made fun of me with my most popular sentence, which was something like :"Great, now i screwed it!!!" followed by quite some frustration and also some destroyed parts. :)

Some months ago I restarted and it is going better than ever. I force myself to do breaks, stop and practice more often. I learned it is almost all about patience.

I wish you less time to learn that then come back (while reading here) and have more fun than ever with your hobby.

Greetings, René.

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