Not Spraying Straight



I am no expert at using a AB but I do not this much.... it should spray angled, in other words off center. When I spray water through my gun the mist is concentrated on the right side of the nozzle, not the center. My other gun is fine and they are both the same. I took the gun apart and cleaned it but still sprays off center, maybe not clean enough. Any ideas???

Sorry, I posted this in another section and then realized it should have been posted here.
@probie im no expert either but sounds like the very tip of your needle is bent or could be some nozzle damage, if it is the tip of your needle im almost sure some on on here has a thread about it try searching it IF it is that
Did answer the other one LOL, can only be a few things, gunk build up, a hooked or bent needle or a damaged/cracked nozzle..Good luck, ya need to have a close look, get a magnifying loop to have a close look.Good luck
Thanks too both of you for the info I will definitely try both suggestions and let you know how I make out.
Okay, here we go. I removed the needle and looked at the tip with a jewellers loop and what did I find, a small little bend in the end of the tip. Grabbed a piece of 800 grid wet dry paper and dragged it across that while twisting the needle between my fingers. Looked again with loop and no little bend. Filled cup with water and sprayed, the spray was dead center. Tested with paint and again dead center.
Thanks Guys.