Novice airbrusher from Finland



Hello everybody!

I am Janne from Finland. I started painting a couple of months ago and now I love airbrushing. :triumphant:
First I bought a cheap airbrush with 20€ and now I have Badger Renegade Velocity airbrush.

I found this forum by watching airbrushing videos from youtube. :fox:

welcome to forum nice to have another finish dude here, jäsen ricce on toinen minun lisäkseni, mulla on kaksi nuota velocityjä ne on tosi hyviä, laitappa kuvia maalauksista t.kohtala (lapua)
welcome to the forum, you will love it here, jump rite in and ask some questions, show off some paintings or just mingle a little bit. i promise no one bites!!
hi janne...welcome buddy from the u.k....I also have a velocity....great brush!
Welcome welcome welcome. You will enjoy it and learn a great deal. Don't be afraid to jump in and become part of this global community!! Great to have you here.