now then..............thats a yorkshire hello


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thought i would come in and poke around say hi to you all, been a filmaker all my adult life, been drawing all my adult life, then about three years ago bought a compressor off an aussie rugby playerwho was playing for my home team.......forgot all about it, two years ago bought a aztec brush set with all the frustrated with that....forgot about it......six months ago a guy wants me to paint the bonnet of his car....spent a week on the design..... ruined it out of frustration...figured it can't be the up aaah cheap compressor no regulator or moisture trap...... bought a state of the art compressor, iwata brush now seem to be getting somewhere but the lessons still come with every day, without doubt airbrushing is the hardest technique to master, but for some reason i cannot let it beat me, its teaching me patience calm and one day i will be as good as i dream i can be....what a challenge! gonna stick it out tho, in it for the long haul... the paint did i mention the bewildering wide variation of paint you need to know about too....jeez if ever a format needed a forum of mutual support its airbrushing......
Welcome along.

Had to read the first part of your intro again as i saw the words ' adult' & 'filmaker' in the same sentence, brain went into overdrive lol :)

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