Nozzle/needle size?



Looking at my first good airbrush and I'm a little confused about which tip size to get? I won't be spraying super fine lines nor will I be spraying large areas. I want to use it to highlight, use stencils and learn to do realistic flames. Just looking for the best all around nozzle / needle size.
this type of question ("what's the best all round brush") is common.
The most common answer is Iwata eclipse CS which is a .35 needle.
It's described as a good all round workhorse.
What @JackEb said... about 0.3 ish is a good size... I endorse the eclipse but there are plenty of good brushes that size.
what are you flaming? RC Bodys,cars ,bikes ? as cup or bottle feed as well as airbrush will make a diff.

BP, that's a good question. I was thinking about just using poster paper to learn on but that might not be the best choice. Eventually I'd like to paint mostly rifle stocks on competition benchrest rifles. Also maybe motorcycle helmets and maybe homemade rc airplanes.
What would you suggest to use to practice on?
Also I saw the Iwata Eclipse at Hobby Lobby for $108 after the 40% discount coupon HL is now offering. I'm leaning that direction right now.
I also give a big thumbs up to the eclipse, it's a great all rounder, and I've used it to paint everything from bikes and lids, to fairly small artworks. Plus it's really great to learn on, but not something you will outgrow.
I would just pratice on a roll of white paper you can get it pretty cheap at most art/craft stores and you can use both sides
When i started learning i used the back of discontinued wall paper rolls. they are cheap and forgiving, being quite. g8 for practicing for tee's etc
Thank you all for the help and suggestions. Bristol paper looks like a great option! Both Hobby Lobby and Michael's have 30% to 40% discount coupons going on right now which makes it even more affordable.
Go with the Eclipse, it's a great brush, bought one after using a Krome for awhile, now I use the Elipse most of the time.