Nozzles problem.



Hi, it's me again.
I'm writing to you because I really don't know what I'm doing wrong ( Probably everything... ). I just wan't to take a jump back, and rush into wall with my head.
I was painting with my 0,2 H&S Infinity, and I broke my nozzle.
Someone could say "It happens sometimes" - But I've broke same nozzle just a mounth ago.
I suppose it happens when I'm trying to get rid of tip dry, or when I'm cleaning the brush.
When I'm trying to get rid of tip dry issue, I'm just using my fingers and smoothly clean paint from needle, from back to front of course.
I don't know, maybe when I'm doing it, it may cause the nozzle crack?
And when I'm cleaning my AB, I'm just disassembling it, then I put it in some cup with medea airbrush cleaner. Then I use this H&S nozzle cleaner ( it's a little shovel which fits in the nozzle with it shape ), and lightly spin it inside. I don't really think that I'm using too much strenght for this. I'm really sad right now... It's just like I would like to paint, but I don't even know how to keep my airbrush in good shape, you know.
Any ideas how to prevent this type of trouble?
Sorry if I'm double-posting.
Do not use the reamer to clean the nozzle inside more than necessary and always very careful. It removes a thin layer of the inside nozzle each time you use it making the walls thinner with every treatment. At some point the wall may become so thin that it will shear.
Thank you mr Ignis :) I'll try to use it only when really really need.
hey mate.....i never put anything down the nozzle. except the needle....when i clean my AB out i just run water or cleaning fluid through it AS SOON as ive finished painting and that usually does it for me...

do you airbrush with the tip cap off?(is that whats its called? the very end cap that protects the needle) cause another thing ive accidentally done before is while airbrushing fine detail ive touched the very end of the needle with the canvas while trying to do very thin lines....ive also snagged it on something VERY lightly while putting it down or cleaning the tip dry. This only bends the needle very slightly but what can happen is when you pull the needle out it deforms the fluid nozzle(is that what the cones called?) so even tho you think youve just bent your needle the act of taking it out of your AB can ruin your nozzle too.

also....i dont really use the pinch method for cleaning tip dry...i just pull the trigger all the way back WITHOUT blowing air and run my finger over where the needle usually sits, that combine with facing the AB away from the canvas and pulling air and max paint every so often usually keeps it clear.

hope that helps mate.
I'm painting usually WITH this needle cap on. I take it off sometimes : When I got tip dry, and when doing details - but I'm trying to keep the distance with my finger, not allowing this needle to touch canvas (and it really works out).
Thank you, it really helps :)
Yeah I know it's a bit of a pain to take It on and off while cleaning the tip, but it's less annoying then buying new needles!! Haha
I don't know what type of nozzle the infinity has, but if it has the self centre kind, with what looks like another piece on the end where the needle comes out, never take that part off as it's easily damaged, probably won't seal properly when replaced, but will crack if overtightened. If it's not that kind just ignore me LOL:tears_of_joy:.
I never take anything metal to the inside of any nozzle. You will always scratch it and then paint will stick to it more. I use toothpicks dipped in cleaner and just slowly ream it with that.