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Hello all,
I am fairly new to airbrushing now I am not an artist.. I am a woodworker and got tired of hand brushing on paint. I love the look of the finished project. I went on to Harbor Frieght and bought the double action airbrush. It worked great for what I use it for. BUUUTTT when I took the needle out the trigger would fall apart and what a headache to put it back together. Well it happened for the last time and I could not get it to work. So I bought a paasche H kit. And it is so much easier to clean. I also found out I personally don't need a double action trigger for what I do. But I do have a question. How do you tell which tip / needle is which cause they look so similar to each other. It wouls be great if they were stamped. Thanks Karl
On my talon the needle and tips are defined by the number of rings on them. 2 rings being smaller then the 3 ringer. They are kinda subtle but if ya look i would think that they should be on yours too. Took me awhile to realize the they were also on tips.
On the needle the rings are on the blunt end.
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BY Gorge your right LOL It would be nice if they would mention it in the Manual Thanks