Old guitar



The wife found an old guitar someone trashed the other day. The body is in good shape. I was thinking of trying to paint something on the back of it. What would be the best way to prep it for paint? It has a heavy clear finish on it. I will be using Createx opaque and transparent paints. Haven't picked a subject yet, probably try some skulls.
If it is already cleared sanding it with sandpaper (800 grit wet) should be sufficient (make sure the whole surface is matt after sanding it) Other than that no prep is needed.
That and a really good dusting afterwards to make sure all the dust is off. Tac rag if you can get one or a damp cloth. Make sure you use a sanding block as well.
I have a leftie that I haven't played in 15+yrs (cut off 2 fingers on my chording hand) that I might paint up & sell/give. Thanks for the idea. Now just have to work out a design. Might even convert it to a rightie so it would appeal to more players who might want to buy it.