Olympos HP-100B, 100C.

The nozzle on the B is 0.2mm and the nozzle on the C is 0.3mm

I prefer the look of the B too, But the A (without any cup, just a hole in the body) and the side feed are my favourites, thats why I am on the lookout for them :)
They also do a D cup but that has a massive 15cc cup on it and a 0.4mm nozzle
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I do have an A-A (artist version - I believe it came with a rubber packing seal). I am not 100% this is the handle that came on it, though... I'll see if I can turn up the original. It should be somewhere in the studio. I did not find another SB, but rather several versions of the B (100 and 200 series).
These olympos brushes are lovely looking. The 100b in the first post and the 100 sb epitomises airbrush for me, if I were to draw one off the top of my head, thats what I would see (the drawing would look nothing like it though😂).

I have not seen an sb pop up for sale second hand in the uk, i am sad enough that the the 100sb on the olympos website has a permanent open tab on my phone for me to oggle and sigh at! Maybe one day! there have been a few 100b for sale secondhand recently though, i assume the b must have been a the most popular model a back in the 80s that are now being sold on.

Are the 100c heads and needles compatible with the 100sb or 100b bodies?