Olympos HP 100SB


Poppa scrolls

First post, do a lot of reading answers most questions. I purchased an Olympos HP 100SB, good price, to see if I liked the side brush feeling, and I do. Not fond of having to order parts from Japan so does anyone know if the needle and nozzle can be replaced with any of the Iwata parts. Thank you.
Iwata has changed the thread size on some of the more recent nozzles. I believe one of them is the same as the Olympos, but do not have either here to confirm. There is the High Performance, and the High Performance Plus - there nozzle part numbers are not the same... I suspect which ever has the finer threads will fit the Olympos. I must say, though, that this is really a guess on my part... If I can find out for sure, I will be back!
I have seen that Iwata states in the HP+ line that they have changed the nozzle threads for a better fit, If you can confirm that will be great if not I will try the HP. Thank you
I have an Olympos HP-100c that I put an Iwata .2 nozzle for HP classic.

The newer HP plus nozzle threads won't work.
Hi @Poppa scrolls, you've got a good couple off the bat to help your questions. Can you pop along to the intro section and say Hi? Where you based? What lead you to the AB? What gear do you have, that sort of thing.

Cheers Mark