Pretty inpressed that you got the first one. Those cars were freakishly fast for the time. With that set up . That is why they took them out. It made the car on a good day, stay right next to the corvette . because the vette ran hot as hell and had 3.07 gears. and smallblocks love them some gears :)
I can believe it - US cars, known for going well in a straight line, turning corners was only a concept for a number of them! My car of cars is the 427 AC Cobra BUT it would be on modern running gear!
Hello to everyone. I joined a couple days ago. Everyone was so cool to me, I decided to do this.
follow this link. See if you have what it takes to win . As soon as someone wins i will remove the video and post that there was a winner. This is completely FREE. & if this goes well, I'll do it again.
This is for fun.

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I get a magnifying that the video is private so it won't let me watch it
I know... I'm off crook for the day and so I wasn't checking it as often... Had to answer car questions!
Please tell me you aren't inferring I wouldn't know the answer seeing as its car related ? ! ! !
Oh most definitely not... rather telling you what the questions were... I now know when Buick introduced the turbo to their 231 engine, the rear axle ratio of the 1985 Trans Am automatic twin port injected engine (g92 set up) AND the number of Pontiac Firebird coupe/soft tops sold in 1969... :)
OK I just saw that other people wan't to play the game.
ok i'm gonna start working on the video in a few minutes. Don't just assume it will be about cars :)