Olympos parts compatability



This ties back to the shameless plug I gave to Olympia in the intro section. After trying out an hp-62b that I paid 60 bucks for on eBay that performed better than any airbrush I own that cost me less than 150 bucks, I started snatching up every one I could find on eBay and now have a small fleet of their equipment. Some are missing parts though, such as a side feed cup on an hp101, and a needle bearing for an hp100. I just wondered how many of you have personal experience swapping parts. I have found that every airbrush seems to be unique in the cap, needle, nozzle design, even to the point where the 100sb cap will not fit the 100c. I just have very little experience with iwata HP line so I don't have much else to compare. I have heard some grex parts fit but never verified. I think as olympos re-gains popularity, a thread like this will be helpful for those that want to take a parts availability risk and buy these guns.
So far I have found out that grex threaded side feed cups and iwata adapters will fit the olympos hp-101. I have found that some air valve parts are interchangeable between iwata and olympos HP models. I am curious about the micron v2 trigger fitting the olympos micron. As well as head assemblies. I am working on picking up an old iwata HP to check more compatability .
So I took a plunge and ordered a cm-sbv2 thinking that i would swap the olympos micron head over and get a more versital .23 setup on the iwata. This was not the case. I am thinking I'm crazy at this point. The .18 setup sprays a wider pattern and seems to digest thicker paints better than the olympos .23. They both pull the same super fine lines, the iwata just sprays like a much bigger nozzle size. Aside from that I have found that every part except for the trigger and packing are interchangeable. Even the needle looks bigger on the iwata. I swapped them back and I'm going to do some further testing with some wicked to confirm, but comart straight from the bottle is no problem.
The same observation about iwata 0,18 and Olympos 0,23 is here. Iwata is much better. Can't say about how 0,18 nozzle of Olympos work installed in original Olympos body, but when installed in CM-SB it works much worse than 0,18 of iwata's original nozzle. And their needles are not interchangeable. I mean you can install them, but they don't work right. So original nozzle+original needle work much better.
You can change spraying heads assembly between the ab bodies.
In general I'd say CM-SB is much better brush than MP-200C. I've got MP-200A but have not tried it yet. I would say I have not that much expectations...
I am not sure if I think the iwata is better. I found that the olympos took a lot of playing around to get the reductions right but once I did. It pulls just as fine if not finer than the cm SB with the same line consistency and more control since it keeps to a smaller spray pattern. And it only cost me 129 bucks. I think the iwata is much more user friendly and more versital but from a purely detail perspective, I like the oly. And its made the iwata a breeze lol it feels like a water cannon. The side feed is what made me pay the extra, I hate the cup placement on the oly.
It actually seems that way with all of the olympos hp100's every brush up to the 100c is detail oriented and takes a lot more finesse to get the best out of, which is great but at some point you need something to spray thicker paints and larger areas. That's where I think iwata beat them. They sell a product that's not just for professionals.
Hello guys. I actually can help with the Olympos questions if you have anymore. All parts are available on the olympos website.