Olympos parts on Iwata Micron C+ question


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hello guys, just couple of questions about olympos and iwata - parts.

1. Nozzle base sets - 1 Hole, S3 Hole, L3 Hole - can I use them on Iwata Micron C+ v1.0, 2.0? If yes would Micron perform better?
2. Is the nozzle 0.23 / 0.18 the same on both brands and interchangeable? If yes I would order bunch of them. Just in case. And I read that the needles are different. How different? Thinner, thicker? or different tapper?
3. Are side cups 7cc, 15cc (Type1,2) and Insertion Side Cups from Olympos HP100 SB usable on Iwata Micron SB?

Thank you!
1. Yes. All of them are completely interchangeable.
Concerning whether or not Micron would perform better depends on what you mean by saying "better"...
In reality Olympos 0.18mm nozzles have smaller diameter, it's seen even without any magnification. From my experience it's possible to get finer details freehand with Olympos nozzle with more ease, I think it's good feature. But it concerns transparent paint and if to use opaques with the same nozzles, Olympos nozzle is headache and Iwata's better with opaques. So Iwata is more versatile. It's nor often we need that tight details with the transparents, but sometimes Olympos 0.18 would be great.
So what's great or not you can only understand from your own experience.

2. "the same" - not. They have different actual internal nozzle diameter (mentioned above) though both brands state the same diameter. Outer diameter is slightly different also, but the threads and lengths are the same, so they can be used in both spray heads (interchangeable).
Concerning needles. If you use Iwata nozzle, you should use Iwata needle. The needles have different taper and as the nozzles have different diameter, Olympos needle goes out of the nozzle too much.
It's written here on the forum for many times that Olympos needles are easily bent, I mean real easily. They're bend even if you remove tip dry applying not a big strengths at all, it especially concerns Micron needles.

3. Insertion cups for HP100-SB do fit CM-SB, but only they do. They're identical. All other Olympos side cups do not as the have bigger tube diameter.
I have olympos and Iwata microns- 2 Olympos with the different head set can't really tell difference in performance- WARNING if you change to olympos head set you will be using fragile olympos needles- I have Iwata needles in my olympos now but not enough time has gone by for me to know if I'm stuck using olympos needles- reason I say this is because I am telling you .23 olympos nozzle is different from Iwata can tell by how far needle sticks out. Iwata needle in olympos pokes out shorter than it would through iwata nozzle but doesn't seem to effect anything that I have seen- was getting specks of paint shooting out but seems to only be happening with one color in my collection. Hope this helps!
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