One good turn deserves another.


Queen Clown Slayer
Just wanted to give a shout out to these guys Welcome - createxpaints and also, these guys Pegasus Art suppliers of the finest art materials.. I recently emailed them to ask for some samples of Schoellershammer 4G, and they were both extremely helpful. Pete at airbrush and paints, very kindly sent me an A5 sample, as well as a few smaller offcuts, and also as I mentioned being a fan of Marissa, got some sepia Etac to try too. They have a great site, as well as a shop in Norfolk so well worth checking them out. Chris at Pegasus art very kindly sent me half a dozen different A5 papers/cards to try, all labelled with sizes and prices as well as the 4G, they also have a shop in Stroud Gloucestershire, and have all kinds of art stuff.