One more hello from Denmark


Nieve Jack

Hello everyone!
I was searching for someboby doing airbrush works in Denmark when found this forum. And I'm glad I did. Hope, here I can learn more about this side of painting.
Actually I decided to try airbrush as something aditional to my hobby as I realy love to draw. My first acquaintance with it happened in Moschow in X-studio. Since then I was by my own. I use Iwata Eclipse HP-CS for all of my works. Hope, here I will learn a lot and I will appreciate all advisement about my progress and especially my mistakes. Here are some of my works.


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Welcome, I like your work. The blue girl is really cool. I think you'll like it here, nice bunch of people.

I look forward to seeing more.
Hi and Welcome from one danish guy to another.

Love your work and nice to see someone from DK here.
Hell ou there ! :)
Great work out there, hope you'll find this forum usefull :)
Cheers !
Sv: One more hello from Denmark

Great work,love it..
Og velkommen til,jeg er også fra danmark.. men er totalt newbe..

Mvh Torben Corell

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