Online color mixing practice tool


Detail Decepticon!
I've found color to be a big challenge as I get deeper into painting. I get some of the theories but nothing can make up for experience. I hate to waste paint just mixing and I figured there had to be some digital way. So there is. This might have been posted before but i think anyone wanting to practice color mixing or see cause and effect without wasting paint will like this site:
You are right! It has been posted before! ;)

I tried it, but to be honest it´s nowhere near reality. It for sure also depends on the paint you are using, but I use Schmincke and mix everything out of CYM. I tried to get the green I used for my Avatar pick, as I noted down the recipy. It is not even close. In reality I need MUCH less blue, as in the simulaition.

So might be good to play around with it to get a basic idea of mixing colores, but this is nothing to try out recipies and it does unfortunately not replace the real life experiance, even if that is sometimes a waste of paint unfortunately.
Yeah. I'd say good to dip your toe in the water and help you understand some its theory. But reality is. You need to find a system (paint) that works for you, and go from there in learning it inside and out.

It isn't really that hard. Finding good literature that has exercises will help you immensely.

your not really wasting paint, you are teaching yourself,, its the only way to learn my friend.