Online orders



Ok please provide your preferences on online stores to purchase these items.

Paint (brand)
paper or media
masking film or materials

I only ask because where I live art stores are none existent now. So some online shops with great prices would help alot.

I have seen d1ck blick has good prices compared to amazon and other places on wicked paint. Any other suggestions?
Thanks hobby lobby for me doesn't carry much. But has few things.
I've used Dick Blick, great service (especially as I'm on the other side of the world from them...) The others Shadow mentioned are good as well.
That is why I just refer to them as Blick on here. I like their service also. I have had mixed results with Chicago Airbrush Supply.
TCP is another mega stocked online store. Theres always good ole Amazon too :).
Amazon prices for wicked paint are jacked pay 1 to 2 bucks more per bottle or 5 per kit. But I do look there was curious about tcpglobal tho thanks.
Call David or Ryan over at Coast Airbrush . David is a member here too :D
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