Optimal airbrush trigger height

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What is some opinions on how much taller an iwata trigger should be. I am in the process of going and having a custom trigger made and was wondering around how much taller I should have it made.

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I`ve seen some of the guys on here and other forums building up the height og their triggers, some have used layers of hot glue and some have glued cork or a pencil eraser, they use these materials so they can trim it down little by little until they have the perfect trigger height, try this to find your perfect height because whats right for you might be totally wrong for the next bloke


Air-Valve Autobot!
I use hot glue to add 7 to 9 milimiters .
In my Iwata revolution CR the rest trigger position is too close to the cup , with this supplemet my finger nail goes over the cap of the cup and I feel more freedom to position my finger over the trigger