Oramask 810 adhesive remover?



First of all sorry my bad english but i hope at least one understand and help me out.

Like title says. How i remove adhesive from paint? Without damage paint.

Something else than star from the begin. Pretty clear novice here :(
Hi Adder, there are a few ways. What sort of paint, what is the paint on and what sort of adhesive? That will help answer the question. Can I get you to go along to the intro page and give a bit of an intro, where you're from, any experience, etc. This helps us answer the questions at a suitable level for you. Here is the link.

Have a read of the nettiquette at the same time. Cheers Mark

OK so if I understand correctly it is an adhesive residue left by the masking material?
Looking at the product, 3m do an adhesive remover. You want to avoid using a solvent based product especially on the primer you've used as it's a NCA base. Trial any remover you use on an area that doesn't matter first.
OK, you can try gently rubbing with a dry cloth or something similar. A hard eraser may be useful as well.
Yup, probably a copy product. Let it soak a little and you should be away! It is a great product but always gave me a wicked headache being around it (and for the record, I don't sniff it... that was MEK... :) )