Hey guys new to the forum. I see all this get work you guys are doing and want to try my hand at it. I have a question about outlining a picture on a t-shirt. I been looking at videos on youtube and this guy has a perfect outline of a picture on it. I can't post a link yet but his youtube name is NDVLIMITED
I was wounding how does he go bout doing this? Does he draw it or free hand (airbrush) the lines? Been looking for info on how to go bout doing this and didn't find any. Thanks
hi there Woadi
Some peeps use a stencil and use it for general light reference markings (with the airbrush)
others use a projector with the image shining on their paper (T shirt) and outline and guidline the important dimensions with pencil.
I am sure there are other ways - and others who can give more/better ideas :)
You can cut a stencil from paper, card stock, plastic, whatever. Some materials just hold up better. You can also print the image, put it against a window, light box, or computer monitor, and trace the important features on the back, with a #2 pencil or chalk pencil. Then place on your work, and trace the same features from the front, it will transfer into your work, just don't push down too hard.

Projecting works also. All of these methods beside stenciling require control. Stenciling requires using stencils properly so you don't get pant underneath. Although on a shirt you can use a spray adhesive to temporarily adhere it to the shirt to prevent paint creep and having to hold it.

Ok . Welcome also from the US. Should have said that first. Any more questions just ask

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there are many ways to make a airbrush project, though i can´t doubt, there are some guys that can pull it freehand,the most consistent way to work this things, is through stencils,placing on the t shirts.all depends on your control over the airbrush and what airbrush you are using.

by the way my friend use the introductions section, so we can know and greet you properly,because this is a great place with a lot friendship and love,to this huge family.:cheerful:
Thanks guys for all the great info, going to try the stencil and see how that goods.
Theres no issue outlining an entire picture in your lighter shades, if your chasing realism I'd say avoid doing so as its easy to outline something that really should be a fade into nothingness..if its a caricature/cartoony then go for it..But really does depend on ya references needs..If you want to get good at outlining, pic up a kids coloring book and practice outlining the basic pictures in it by following the lines already present..GL and av fun with the hobby..:)