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hello everyone! my name is michael i am new to airbrushing and to this site. so i did my first project which was adding lightning to a wooden black shelf, and the colors i used were createx opaque white and spectratex transparent blue. overall for a first timer its ok looking, but i had alot of overspray and was wondering how to minimize it or clean it off.i've seen people on youtube wipe their projects with a rag after the paint however it did nothing for me. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Hi Michael Welcome....reducing your air pressure should minimize a lot of your overspray.....but with lightning it's good to have a little, to give a glow effect
Welcome aboard to the forum you can mask to avoid over spray but if you get a chance post a pic and will be able to help you out more. Could be excessive air pressure or even your pulling to far back on the trigger. It's tough to say with out seeing the problem.
Hi and welcome to the forum Michael. Also moving closer to the artwork means less overspray, but with alot of stuff you have to be more far away like with the
outside of your lightning to make it wide enough. But like slipery said, with the lightning the overspray is your friend to make it look better in that case.
thanks everyone for the responses, i'll try and post some pictures this weekend if possible. have a great rest of your days
Welcome from Holland. All of the above advice, reducing pressure to between 10 and 15 psi, reducing the mix-ratio water : paint = 5 : 1 and work closer to the surface. The thinner paint will probably force you to paint what you want in more than one layer, but you will have less overspray and will be able to spray finer detail. Best of luck with that.
Sounds like they've all got ya covered on this one, so I just wanna say, welcome to the forum!!! Lots of great people and who can beat FREE advice!!! Everyone here is willing to lend a hand!
Welcome to the forum! One point that hasn't been mentioned yet concerning overspray: Directional spraying. Aim your brush away from what you want to keep clean (think of spraying a blend). This doesn't really apply when rendering lightning, but I thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless...

Hello. Sometimes over spray is good like with lightning. Adds to the misty glow of the lightning illuminating the air around it. That being said over spray can be a big PIA at times and that is what a lower air pressure and masking are for.