How do you remove overspray with out effecting the art under it (wicked paint) dark colors under neath opaque white overapray.
depending on what is under the overspray, if its a single colour I'd just mask off the white and go back in with the original colour.
in future either mask off where you don't want the overspray or spray at a lower pressure and angle away from where you don't want the overspray.

but as mark has pointed out, first things first... intro for the curious amoungst us
Introduction check. Now on to the buisness at hand. Im painting a welding hood for a friend. Its been primed sanded degreased base coated. Then a trans intercoat. Then a 2 color design. Then i got a little rushed spraying the white base for a graphic i was using a stencil but i guess i got a little carried away and now one side of the hood has a dusting of white overspray on it. Tryed a tack cloth not much effect then some gray 800 scotch pad, but that started to remove the art underneath. So im open to suggestions. Thanks
OK, as the art work is being affected it sounds like you would be better to re paint the art work if that is an option. Post up a photo... lets have a look at the problem... might be able to answer better.
I think i got it going my way now did some lite sanding with some 1000 and only lost a little bit of shading which should be an easy fix. Guess i should of done another intercoat before i started with the white to give myself a little buffer. Hinde sight right.oh well doing thing twice is the best way to teach you how to only do it once.
Now you've got me curious as to what you're working on.
Can you post up a pic ?
0908161214.jpg 0908161215.jpg
The first is the unmolested side the second is the side where i hade the issues you can see where i lost the shading from removing the over spray.
one thing that was suggested to me was to get to a certain point out a clear on there to protect it then you should be able to wipe it away.. even with methyl hydrate.. love that stuff

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Hi matey, i do a lot of helmet work. Lessons i have learnt in the past, is, NEVER , underestimate how far overspray will travel, and the tiny little crevices it can sneak through. Better to spend more time doing a foolproof masking job , than ruining your already finished artwork. Also i use waterbased paint. As my artwork progresses, i keep giving light coats of auto clear, which i keep handy , in a suction feed Paasche vl gun. So then if i happen to get a bit of overspray on finished artwork, it is easily removed from the clear coat with a damp rag, without damaging artwork. This method works for me and hope it helps you. Cheers from Australia.
Ahhh overspray, both a curse and a blessing, and vital for some effects. But when you don't want it....grrrr. Better to spend a bit of extra time masking, especially on a curved surface which seems to be worse for me.