Paasche 100d



Hi i have two questions about my compressor. It's the paasche 100d without a regulator or water trap and it gets pretty hot after a few minutes into my session. My first question is, does the heat affect the performance/quality of my work? Second, will a regulator and water trap help or should i invest in a new compressor? Any help will be appreciated.
It does. In hot air water tends to condensate. It will eventually end up in the airbrush and affect the mix-ratio of water and paint. The compressor should not get hot that fast. Possibly the cause is the absence of a regulator which makes the membrane pump run at full speed all the time. An air pressure regulator and water separator (that are usually combined into one device) are indispensable parts of the air supply system. You can buy cheap ones which will last you some time or buy a quality one that will continue to work a lot longer.
Thanks ignis u answered my questions completely. I wasnt sure why it was getting hot so fast but now i understand. Im going to get a regulator before i do any more spraying.
Nice, i wanted a new compressor but that looks like a pretty good alternative. Thanks for the tip strictly.