Paasche H series not spraying ink.



Hi everyone,
Im new to airbrushing so i need some help please :)

I recently bought a airbrush temp tattoo kit inc bambi compressor and paasche H airbrushes.
Ive plugged everything in and all connected but for some reason my airbrush isnt spraying any ink :(
Can anyone advise me on what im possibly doing wrong or what i havent done??
Im recieving air through the airbrush just no ink.
Any help would be much appreciated as my !0 yr old boy is rather dissapointed now as hes not getting his first tat :/
Is the H a siphon( bottom) feed? If so maybe your pressure is too low to pick up the paint/ink, or the vent hole in the bottle is clogged. Is this the first time you tried to use it? If not may e paint/ink has dried in the nozzle not allowing paint/ink to flow.

A siphon feed usually runs good over 40 psi. I try to run mine over 50 with reduced paint .

What brand of ink are you using? Someone here may have experience with it.

It's always best to give too much info in these cases. It helps all of us help you better.

By the way welcome to the forum from the US

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Hi zoebaby1981 and welcome from central Texas USA. Sorry I can't help as I am too new to airbrushing and don't have a Paasche H.
Since this is your first airbrush, I have to ask if you know that you have to adjust the spray nozzle to control paint flow.

Learn something new every day, I didn't know the H had an adjustable spray nozzle, kind of like the badger single action I have.

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i own a h paasche airbrush,and it could be that you haven´t regulated the needle or operate at 20 psi or above,remember that it is a single action and those basically are syphon fed,also it may be that you have not reduced the can get very detailed this remember that needle,psi and reduction are the main problems with this kind of airbrushes!!!

hope this helps!!!:angel: