Paasche model 'V' needle issue?



Hello everyone, As i have stated in my introduction, Im becoming much more aggressive in the use of my airbrushes in re to my portrait art business.
I own Thayer and Chandlers' and Paasches' -Love them both.
The Paasches that i own are a 'V'Paasche V B .jpg , 'VL' and a 'Talon' ...Because of the type of work that I'm doing ive been using my model 'V' a lot. I have had some minor issues with it which i had resolved already...Its needle was pretty old and Ive had to straighten it many times. Here is my question,,
I purchased a new needle for it ,a VN-1. When i installed it and reassembled the V,Paasche V .jpg I had noticed that the tip extends quite far beyond the air cap..about 3/32" (or 2.38mm) I haven't tested it out yet because Ive been using my Thayer and Chandlers' (LOVE them)
So , please tell me, is it OK that the needles tip sticks out that far? I dont remember it being like that at all. I believe Im using the correct tip size for it,,but who knows. Thanks all
are you sure the nozzle in the V matches the VN-1 needle? This usually happens when you have a size 3 nozzle with a size 1 needle.
I used to spray with the V#1 a lot in the past. The old generations were fantastic guns. I see you have an older one since there is the adjusting wheel in front of the trigger. After Paasche dropped that wheel there seemed to be a dramatic change in the machining quality. For the worse that is; all sorts of problems with the new generations.

With regard to the needle sticking out: in all guns I've noticed that tip dry occurs on the part of the needle that sticks outside of the nozzle. So I am inclined to think that the less of the needle stick out, the less tip dry. It makes sense, paint is designed to dry when exposed to air, which occurs sooner in thin layers like they exist around the needle tip. But I am curious to learn what your experience with that will be.
Hi guys, Bossman when you speak about the nozzle are you referring to the 'tip'?paasche tip.png If so, The tip that i installed along with the new needle was comparable to the original tip I had in the 'brush. (I accidentally dented the original tip when it was out)
@ Ignis - My V is a bit older but I cant remember exactly how old. Apparently, im lucky to have kept it around all this time. Ill test it out today to see if it sprays well under its present circumstance. I will report back
I bought a V last year and abandoned it because the replacement parts didn't match the original, aka.... terrible machining and quality control. I'll never buy a Paasche of any kind ever again.

Artista something has changed. Either the hole in the tip is bigger or the taper on that needle is longer. Either way if everything is a direct replacement, it shows there is a machining problem somewhere.
Ah ok Bossman,,hey you were referring to the tip as being a nozzle ,,yes?