Paasche + Plastidip =



A nice handle that does not slip in my hand! It may not seem like much but it does make a huge difference!! Especially on those 9pm to 2am practice sessions!


Lines and Dotz! Lines and Dotz!
Hmmm, is that the stuff you dip tools in for non slip?? gives me an idea ...not for my AB but something else. Cool idea!
U get it at home depot. It comes in an aerosol can.

Lines and Dotz! Lines and Dotz!
I've seen versions of it where you actually dip the part into the can to coat it, and I've seen brush-on stuff as well. I was actually just thinking about trying this out on one of airbrushes. I haven't decided who the first victim will be yet, though.
Ive used the actual dip kind of plastidip. It dries out quickly in the container and makes a huge mess. Trust me, much cleaner and cost effective to get the aerosol can. It dries quicker and looks way better as well. The cool thing is that its removable!!

Lines and Dotz! Lines and Dotz!