[SOLVED] Paasche Vision problem


Detail Decepticon!
I bought a Paasche Vision in February and I like it but the cup has machining grooves on the inside and when changing colors or cleaning, it is a problem with paint getting in the grooves and takes a long time cleaning the inside. They are very small grooves but it really takes a hard scrubbing with a cloth or q-tip with cleaner to get it clean.
Just wondering if I could take a polishing compound and using a dremel drill with a polishing wheel and maybe some auto paint rubbing compound and smooth up the cup.
Any suggestions?????
Well, I took some 2000 grit sandpaper and worked on the inside of the cup then I took a dremel with a polishing wheel and worked with that until I got a very good smooth finish. I tried it out with some etac paint and it works great. Didn't take much to clean it. Now what to paint. Decisions, decisions!!!!!!!