paasche vision



so far my thoughts are.....

the paasche vision is a great gun ...especially for the money. i have been getting great lines and super fine detail with it. at first i was disappointed in it but discover that was mostly a paint issue (reducing the createx enough , etc...) and it's got a little longer draw on the trigger, which i like.
That brush hasn't been discussed here much, if at all.
I'm not a big Paasche fan, personally.
i have used iwata for years now and own a couple, but this vision is a great gun and great deal. i used it almost exclusively on the recent dragon panel i did... got all i wanted out of it
I wouldn't doubt it's a great brush. I have a Mojo III, and it's a great performer. As with all detail brushes, reductions are key to good performance. The Micron is the most forgiving because of the superior head design, but is a bit steep for the average hobbyist.