paasche vl issues



hey guys im beginner so not sure at all about what im doing wrong.
im using INK not paint cos here is not paint for airbrushes avaiable, my question its why some lines and dots (shown below) looks trickle, also the needle its full of ink even if i cleaned then spray once i get full of ink again. today its my five day spraying and i got a bit frustrated, felt a lot more control over the air brush but i can´t get the dagger stroke or blending lines properly done.

Ink tends to dry faster than paint designed for use in an airbrush. As a result, it clogs the needle / nozzle area faster. If you are new to airbrushing, I would consider trying Com-Art paints; they can be used straight from the bottle and are better suited for use in an airbrush than ink. It pays to order them on-line if there are no art supply shops in your vicinity. You will get much better results and less frustration.
actually its standard ink ... and its water base so really easy to clean, when i took the nozzle off the ink still wet , so i don't know why i still getting trickle spraying might be the consistence of the ink cos its to light and probably i gonna try to get some properly paint.
Not 100% sure what trickle spraying is, but for fine art, ink is actually as good if not a better option in some cases than paint..But saying that due to its thinness it takes a heck of a lot of control, much lower pressures and in most cases I'd prefer to push such through a gravity over a siphon feed..That will help a lot with the spidering as it won't have the higher pressure behind a siphon requires it but for a long time I used nothing but inks and really enjoyed using them and still occasionally do for pure transparent work or blending an opaque piece.....

You could consider adding a flow medium, this will help thicken up the ink a touch, see if a product called jo sonja's Flow Medium is available to you..One good thing is as you've just started out, if you can learn how to control the ink with spidering, you'll be a master by the time you get to paint GL..:)
im start to think my passche its not too good for small details , someone with same airbrush could confirme this? or which airbrush could be not too expensive for small or thin details ???? any advice?