paasche vl problem


Young Tutorling
new unit just starting out everything ready dialed compressor to 25 lbs for paper..connected bottle for suction ,hit button and paint shot out vent in the bottle everywhere...tried the suction cuo and paint shot straight up in the air out of paint ever entered brush...I ckd head it was way to start
Hi Action - I see we have missed this thread. PLease accept our apologies.
Have you solved your problem?
It sounds to me like the nozzle that the needle seats on is missing or missing an oring?
have you taken it apart?
I am not familiar with this particular brand/setup, perhaps another of our learned friends has an idea.
Hi action, try this, remove the paint bottle from the airbrush. Press the triger down for air. Is there air coming out of the front of the airbrush? If not, then the air passage to the head is clogged. If no air comes out, use the larger size wrench that came with your airbrush and remove the outer head unit. Now lookat the brass colored end of the airbrush body. There will be 3 very small holee in the end. These holes are where the air goes through. I sounds to me like these holes are cloged. You'll need to find something that is thin enough and stiff enough to push into those holes to clear them. I use airbrush cleaning brushes from Harbor Freight, the smallest brush is small enough to go into those holes.
Did you buy the airbrush brand new? If so maybe those holes were not drilled all the way through when it was manufactured. I would return the airbrush to where you bought it and get another one. Or contact Paasch and they should make good for it. Hope this helps and let me know how you make out.
Definately sounds like some sort of blockage. Try the above, and also if it isn't new, make sure there is no old paint clogging up the nozzle. Good luck!