paashe ab turbo


Air-Valve Autobot!
has anyone on this forum ever used one of these i think i need to own one just cause it makes a neet sound and its cool looking thats how i bought my infinity its neeto looking (also performs awesomely no seriously it looks like a cool gun
I have one and what mofo to keep running right. I don't think i've used it in years, though. I certainly wouldn't recommend one.
I second that mine sits in the drawer waiting to be sold or traded for the right ab. I had same problem had to own one at least mine is vintage from the 50's or 40's so it's cool in that sense it works but it's a pain.
thats what i thought it seems cool cause it is turbo and makes a cool sound but seems like to many mooving parts i stil think if i were rich id get one for laughs seems a bit pricy if i get another brush il get an infinity cr plus this way i wont have to keep changing back and forth from .15 to .4 with spater cap when doing portraits