Package Arrived today



As a beginner the only airbrush I had was a single action Passach, Today a package arrived with 3 Master airbrushes, Models G22 Dual action, E91 single action and S68 Dual action and a mini air compressor, 10 Siphon Jars and the Createx 20 Color starter kit, 10 opaque 10 more toy's to play with

I know they are the on the lower scale of air brush quality but for what I will be painting, mostly used for highlighting metal art that I cut on my plasma table

Wish me luck
From one lower scale of airbrush quality owner to another congrats on the new toys, they should do fine for pimping your plasma cut art.
Post some pics of your work.

will do Jim ,I am still building up my numbers so that I will be able to upload pictures
thanks for the encouragement
Happy days new toys, i love getting new stuff dosnt matter what it is lol enjoy bill and like jim said stick some of your work up
Hey, I started with a Master G22, still use it from time to time. Was a great starting point for me!!! Congrats on the new toys!!