Paint Clumping on Needles



I have a couple of Master airbrushes. Recently I've noticed that the paints are clumping up on the needle in small thick gobs. The paints are Createx cut with transparent base. It's also blowing water out of the nozzle intermittently when I press down for air. Just got an inline water trap but this hasn't made any difference. I haven't had any needle incidents. I wash them after use. This is happening with both brushes so I suspect the paint. I think I bought in last January.

It's kind of messing up my practice.
Transparent base is not a reducer it is to make a opaque paint act like a transparent . What you are getting is called tip dry due to high PSI and thick paint.
Get some W500 reducer to reducer you paint.
Thanks, all. This cheap little compressor only has a knob. You can turn it up, or down. I got reducer, turned the compressor down, and no more tip dry blues. I appreciate the help.