paint for metal



Hey, A coworker wants me to airbrush a logo on his tailgate for his farm. All I have done so far is paper and some shirts. I have createx and badger acrylic. Will the regular acrylic work with a automotive clear or do I need to get a more specialized paint for this. The clear I have is a spray can. should this work or should I get a more specialized version as well. I'm not getting paid for this per se, as he is paying for supplies. Thanks for any advice.
Spray can clear without hardener is just normal paint without pigments, u can get 2k clear this is automotive stuff and this is th best, that stuff becomes rock solid.

Createx is tshirt paint and not uv resistant, i recommend auto air or wicked, these aee the most used and will do the job.

Btw when u push the button on the 2k can it injects the hardener and after 1 hour i think, look for it on the can, its hardened out in the can and u can't use it anymore, so if u can and u got some left clear some of ur own project with the leftover
Dave from Coast airbrush has said that the 2k spray can has been used In their shop up to Like 24 hours after, maybe even longer, I think spraymax brand says 24 hours window after injecting the catalyst.

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