Paint has arrived



Now what to paint on? Will printer paper work or should I opt for something heavier? It has been so long I don't remember if it rumples printer paper.

Oh well I thought we could spring for the wicked details primary sampler set, so that is what I got. It says water based but their lit says to use the reducer. I can't use water to reduce? It did come with reducer and that is fine but what about a water based paint requires a special reducer?
wicked has a tiny amount of solvent in it just to help it flow a bit better, but yer it is a water born paint. I have used water to reduce it before, (more when practicing than proper pieces) there is obviously a difference to using reducer but it still works, no real separation issues so long as you give it a regular mix /stir. checkout the home made reducer recipes should be a link on here somewhere if i find it ill let you know
They designed the reducer for the paint that if you spray it on the reducer vaporize much faster than just plain water, so if you spray it on heavily you might have to wait longer than you want before you can continue or touching it, or place a stencil.