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Hi everyone I am new to airbrushing and have a question
I am using createx paint opaque black, but when the painet comes out on the edges it looks fuzzy not smooth. I am using a gravity feed and a home compressor at about 35 psi when I spray a line or anything the edges look fluffy/ fuzzy not sharp etc
I have tried the paint straight not reduced and I have tried adding a little water any suggestions
Try getting a little closer to the canvas m8 and move a little quicker, shld reduce those oversprayed edges a little.
I had similar issues until I was informed about reducing the paint in conjunction with controlling the pressure from your compressor.
Get a regulator with moisture trap from Amazon. You can find them as cheap as $9 USD. Then you can directly dial in the amount of pressure you want. For finer detail and sharper lines you will reduce your air pressure to around 15 or 10 psi. Your paint will also need to be reduced at around 1 part paint to 2 parts water/reducer. This will require extra passes of your brush for deeper color, but it will definitely provide more detail with less over-spray.
Of course, all this will take practice as it will be brand new all over again.
Yeah correct saying you my friend derrenday i am agreed with you i was also in searching for any paint recommendations and thinking to made a therad for this but i have no need to made any thread after read out this information anyways thanks for this informaiton have a nice day...
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