Paint in the trigger area



Hi Everyone,

I keep having trouble with a couple of my iwata eclipes (BCS) and sometimes my hi-line hpc. The paint shoots and sprays perfectly well, but tons of paint feeds back into the back end of the brush. It shoots out the trigger area and into the needle chuck area too. What causes this? How do I stop it? It really hasn't impeded the function, but it really is a mess, and I'm sure over time it cant be anything but bad news.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
paint in trigger area can because by two things the most common being the needle bearing is out of adjustment.
But beginners sometime over fill the paint cup and leave the lid off so paint can run in that way as well
My new brush was doing something like that. On my brush there is a screw thing that goes into the nozzle end of the brush. The needle runs through the screw. The screw compresses a seal inside of the brush. I had to disassemble the brush to the point where I could get to the screw and check the tightness. In my case, the screw was just slightly backed-off. I tightened it ever-so-slightly and the backflow stopped. You don't want to go nuts cranking this thing down or you'll ruin the seal. Just a very gentle nudge may do the trick.
Yup I had this problem early days and is exactly as micron and flytier describe. .. if you disassemble your brush completely the puta very small (but long) screw driver down the length of brush toward the cup and you should feel a small grommit screw. .. tighten thata quarter turn and give ita go. ... do not over tighten
Oh great to have you back also herb...I was thinking yesterday you hadn't been on fora little while