Paint leaking back into trigger.



Hi there I am a novice at airbrushing and I'm having some trouble mixing up GW acrylics for basecoating.
My airbrush is from Everything Airbrush in the UK,
It is a dual action gravity, I cleaned it out with one of those tiny brushes due to a major clog and since that it leaks back into the trigger area past the needle.
I have changed the needle and tip due to breaking tip..
could I have incorrectly fitted the needle or damaged the airbrush cleaning it?


David R
David a brand name would help
But anytime paint leaks into the trigger area it is caused by either a loose needle bearing, which on most newer airbrushes is made out of teflon But some of the older ones have rubber ones. if you have the rubber one you could have broke it.
Do you feel tension when you push the needle in .. If the answer is no than try adjusting the needle bearing hold down screw.
Like Mr M said it could be the needle bearing which is a rubber or teflon seal behind the cup. take out your needle and unscrew the rest of the gubbins and with a small screwdriver tighten the screw down at the end of the the airbrush body. This only need a fraction of a turn, reassemble the ab and try again. hope this helps.

It is a finespray AB-186
there was a fair bit of resistance to the brush and previous needle but not much now.
is there a guide on the fitting of a new needle and adjustment of the bearing?

thanks for a prompt reply
Ok thank you it's been driving me nuts spraying one second then stopping, I got a load of rubbish out with the brush and cleaner, might need to clean the tip.
Any advice it's a 0.2mm
First remover the needle and trigger assy. with a small jewelers screwdriver stick into the the back of the airbrush like you would do the needle. slowly turn it until you feel it is in the slot and tighten it a very small bit. remover screw drive and stick the needle in (without trigger ) and see if you feel tension when sliding it in.

Also according to the web site on your airbrush it is a .3 set up. But looks a lot like an IWATA ch
Those are just the run of the mill Chinese copies. They go under a lot of names like Fengda and Master and here in South Africa, Aircraft.

But like everybody has said, just tighten the backing nut. When you inserted the cleaning brush you obviously loosened the nut. Don't tighten it too much. The needle must have just a bit of resistance when moving. You don't need a special screwdriver. A long 3mm flat is 100%.
Thanks everyone il try that tonight, I broke the tip on that's why I ordered a 0.2 tip and needle.
i wasnt 100% what was in there so I got both.

Great helpful advise cheers
Great advise I removed the nut cleaned it all through.
And voila airbrush works better than ever.... Now just to master paint thinning!
So I thought I would use my new pistol grip airbrush it's a BD116-C for the first time today, to find my hand covered in black primer (due to a lively trigger leak)! I took it apart mostly to tight the the needle nut holding the Teflon needle packing seal. Tried again and the same happened! So took everything apart including the needle nut itself to low and behold find that the manufacturer never inserted one in the first place! Has anyone ever bought a brand new airbrush from a reputable seller/shop and a Teflon seal that they say should be there isn't!

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